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  • Twitter? Tumblr?

    Posted on March 1st, 2014 admin No comments

    I have been on both these services for years but really didn’t get into them till an online friend(thanks Chipmunk) made me more active on Twitter to keep in contact. It’s nice, nice people (for the most part) and seems ok. Though it is disturbing how many people say I am so nice I must be Canadian, well my favorite band (not Nickelback or Bieber (does he count as a band? Would a band support him?)) is so I guess it’s a compliment. I have to say though I have met enough on Twitter who want more than just a virtual penpal (everyone knows pens existed before Samsung notes, right? It’s gotten so bad, I have taken to reading a disclaimer before following (following they call it, sounds stalker or cultist, ) anyone on Twitter.

    Anyway a couple of adopted nieces (we only children tend not acquire friends as more take hostages) have informed me that the service of the the future and also makes people “not real” is Tumblr. I am game for not real.

    Digital beats analog, Virtual hurts less than reality.

    New realms to explore. Good news: Chaos!