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  • Unbricking a phone

    Posted on October 27th, 2013 admin No comments

    Nothing good ever comes out of Texas…

    The more news I stream, tweet, redditors (ya, that’s what a Reddit “tweet” is called.), it always presents so.

    I never seem to like the religion wackjob representatives that are always coming out of there. They insult the NY times without example, they apologize for our water getting in a foreign oil company’s way like the explosion was our fault. They stop the government to take healthcare away from all to make a few happy.
    They complain the U.S. takes too much of their taxes yet take more back when that pesky hurricane shows up the take their lunch money.

    …and they have Louis G, why did anyone vote for that mental door stop?

    Texas is also the cause of insane school textbooks: they removed Thomas Jefferson from the history books because he was a deist that removed supernaturalism from his own written bible. Where do they think the Declaration of Independence came from? Moses brought it along as an afterthought to the 10 commandments? Well, it’s Texas, so probably.

    Also Texas sourced chemistry books present the amazing fact that: Aspirin is a polymer, Birds fly by the Bernoulli effect and Aluminum is a liquid at room temperature (which planet is Texas on again?).

    …and of course their biology books doesn’t have that evolution cause it’s just a theory. So’s gravity but the theory of Velcro isn’t catching on.

    Heck, I even cheer the Steelers because they beat up the Cowboys once in the while.

    Ya, I have been pretty hard on our largest “lone-star” state but that might have to change.

    I root and ROM my phone as you know from this site. It makes my 2 years old phone run with the new dogs pretty well, I have all the latest features, none of the slowing bloatware and my phone even has build-in features that the current phones can’t even do!

    I bricked my phone; I was changing my recovery from CWM to TWRP and somehow, someway it corrupted the bootloader. Before I get a ton of comments that “That shouldn’t have happened” I know, it shouldn’t have effected the boot loader, I know it shouldn’t have but did. Dunno maybe the galactic center was in the wrong place, breakfast didn’t give me the right vibrations, Sunspots…whatever, it bricked my beloved constant companion.

    Being without your smartphone is like having an arm in a cast these days. It really lowered my quality of life and efficiency. I mean I hop in my truck to head down to a phone store and I didn’t even think to print a map. I mean I am so used to G maps that I didn’t even think of it!

    Also I am just keeping this note till the Note 3 Active comes out…maybe a month or two. So upgrading now isn’t an option.

    Well, it was bricked and none of the local shops had a JTAG to reprogram it.

    A JTAG is a device that will load the firmware bootloader directly to the motherboard of the phone, pretty much as the manufacturer does.

    I was surprised in a city of 3 and a quarter millions there isn’t one phone shop with a JTAG! I mean for what they are charging for a laptop with a usb cable and a copy of Odin is a joke!

    Well this a search on Google I found the only recovery services I found were in (you guessed it) Texas! Mobiletechvideos and unbrickmyphone.

    Josh at mobiletechvideos was the first to respond. Didn’t hide behind trade secrets to my questions on how he was going to unbrick my phone and said he’d get my phone back to me within a week, normal service.

    Now that I have my phone back, I can definitely endorse this company, great communication, regular updates, terrific useable websites and regular emails about status’. All for very reasonable pricing of someone who could upgrade, just doesn’t want to just yet and might want to pass his phone along.

    Josh even put on TWRP so I could just get loading out of the box!

    They understand that someone who is working with them is not the normal phone user but someone who is very attached do their device.

    My phone is indeed back within a week and I am back off my old Nokia E-71.

    Weird part: My Nokia is a better phone! Better talk quality, better, signal, better service, a battery that lasts over a week without charge. Best of all, a real hang-up button. I had forgotten how great it was. Not a better device that does more, just a better phone!

    So if you brick your phone, definitely contact Josh over at videos. BTW check out his Youtube vids on how he does it!

    Hmm, good BBQ, Austin, A&M(Alma-mater to some of my best peers and friends) a burgeoning community of skeptics, SXSW (though really becoming poser central) and now a really great phone recovery service, ya I might have to re-evaluate my opinion of that state!

    For those that want to go down the JTAG rabbithole themselves, they can check out a JTAG on eBay or check out this opensource project.

  • “Remember the 13th” facebook message, Phishing attack.

    Posted on October 4th, 2013 admin No comments

    Ya, don’t give it your email address. It will just open you up to further pestering.