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    Posted on July 15th, 2012 admin No comments

    I was out with fellow engineers and the meeting fast became a “My android phone is slow and it won’t do what I need/want it to”. I showed how to put on environments, see what battery charge rates are and where to find new ROMs.

    One of of the guys in the discussion said “I need to read your blog”, I was flattered and then thought, “You know, I have none of this stuff on my blog”.

    I figured most of this stuff is available pretty readily on the internet but then the idea of this blog is to make re-inventing the wheel simple so if I can put up sign posts to make things easier for someone else.

    Ok, let’s get started:

    If you just want a great program to just IMs from your computer, do a backup/restore of contacts and keep your call log just download My Phone Explorer(Free), it’s kind of a iTunes for Android without taking over your computer.

    A great site for getting information, tools and ROMs is XDA-Forums. You can post questions, make suggestions and get technical help. Just go to the section for your phone model and just join in the fun.

    First, what is known as “jail-breaking” on the iPhone is “Rooting” on the Android platform. It is same as having Administrator rights in windows.

    2nd, there are alternate “ROM”s these are OS replacements for your phone. They offer less programs than the providers (AT&T, Verison, T-Mobile) do to clog up your phone’s memory. They have options of what set of programs they come with (K9 mail, Firefox browser…etc). XDA has dozens of ROMs with difference setups and options.

    It used to be simple to get Root; there was a program called Z4Root; which was easy to use. Load on your phone, click a button, you had root, click another button and you were unrooted. Simple but the project stopped.

    Now it isn’t as simple. There is a system called Odin for rooting.

    There is a one click version of Oden, it will root your phone and even wipe the phone (you will have to rebuild completely, but it will be more stable).

    There is a Odin full installation: It isn’t as easy but is compatible with more phone models.

    Once you have root, buy a copy of Titanium backup. The best backup and restorer for Android. It will save a lot of re-installing after flashing ROM and wiping out your phone.

    If you like your standard phone firmware from your provider but still want to play with the look and feel, check out alternative launchers at the Android Play store. Most are free and I am currently enjoying the “Go Launcher. Go has a log of free widgets and utilities (Power master, task manager, Twitter widget, IM pro and contact widgets), it just does EVERYTHING for free!

    If you are wondering how well your charger is working or why your phone is taking so long to charge, check out CurrentWidget at the Play store. It shows charge rate and discharge (then on battery) rates.

    Speaking of USB phone chargers, HP has an amazing one. Rubberized coating, 2A, replaceable folding prongs(so it doesn’t poke holes in your luggage and a terrific 5′ cable for $4.99! They were offering free shipping and I will post when it is available again!

    Hopefully this give you a start on checking how to start changing things to your satisfaction.