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  • A great tablet.

    Posted on August 14th, 2011 admin 5 comments

    I’ve had my Herotab M8 (bought from Merimobles)for a week now: I am using it as a a note taker, PDF reader (saving me a ton of paper on technical manual), Book reader both for pleasure, travel and class books. This unit also adds a wondeful car GPS unit and even a backup phone (I bought one with 3g slot). Does all wonderfully.

    Conclusion (saving you from reading the whole review): I love this tablet, yes it has its issues but I think they are all solvable and it is doing everything I wanted/needed from my tablet.

    Positives: great speed. Good Battery life (about 5 hours with WiFi and everything, GPS is about 3 hours, with all wireless turned off I get about 6 or 7 just using it as a reader. Screen size is wonderful for PDFs (8.5X11″ PDFs look great on this 1024X768 8″ display). 3d graphics are speedy and videos are at 30fps. Kindle and standard reader look wonderful and no eye strain over long 3-4 hours of reading.The size is perfect compared to the just too small 7″ tablets and the ipad’s 10…if fits my pockets, backpacks and satchels.

    Negatives: Lockups, mostly coming out of stand-by or with screen off. Sometimes it isn’t really a lock up but it takes a few to unlock the screen. Android store has issues figuring out if apps are compatible with this tablet, always have a stylus (my old hp4700 works perfectly) . A few games seem unable to get the tilt to work with them. The GPS takes about an hour to get a lock the first time(seconds after the first time). All these are really minor and probably will be fixed in a firmware or two and 2.3 and 3.0 OSes will probably make these issues a laughable memory. Another annoyance is the lack of a power-lock on the unit and the power button is easily bumpable in a satchel or backpack using valuable battery-life just sitting there with the screen on, hopefully the new slipcase coming out next week will solve this issue.

    10 class micro-sds have problems with this unit but that’s not limited to the M8, it’s a problem with Android devices and current crop of class 10s (Wintec, Sandisk and Patriot are all working on this issue and will support and replace cards under warranty).

    Looking at the hardware, it looks like the 4gbs internal ram is upgradable for the price of a replacement micro-sd from 4 to 16GB, you will have to get another firmware from Merimobiles to make this happen.

    Even better than my experience with this tablet was my experience with Merimobiles, Phillip, Oliver and the rest were wonderful in their fast communication, fast shipping and wonderful support after purchase. I am definitely going to be a long-time customer of this company!

  • Yes, I am back up and running

    Posted on August 13th, 2011 admin No comments

    Ya, I was gone a little while. The latest wordpress demanded MySQL5, new PHP, and working through chopsticks(parallels) wasn’t the easiest DB upgrade path I’ve had the pleasure of using but I finally had time and determination to get this working again…WOOT!