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  • SPB wallet now available for Android!

    Posted on May 29th, 2011 admin No comments

    One of the things I missed when moving over from my old Symbian Nokia phone was my old data wallet, I made due but I really missed the graphics and design of SPB’s.

    A data wallet keeps track of all your passwords, accounts numbers, lock combinations and all the important data of life in a secure way (in this case AES-256bit encryption!).

    Well all that has changed, SPB has finally released a client for Android that does sync (direct, gmail and cloud) with the desktop client.

    There is even a password generator so you can make completely random unguessable passwords that can be huge since it’s all cut and paste.

    It is on sale for 3.5 bucks till 5/31 when it goes to to $7.99

  • Is Android ready for prime time?

    Posted on May 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    Replaced my beloved Nokia E-71 with a HTC Inspire 4G.

    I saw a peer using his and liked the size and clarity of the new screens, the new apps that worked with PDFs, Word and other MS apps was useful.

    All my friends (well 80% are on Android) and there were apps I would like to have in my pocket at the ready. I figured at over 2 years Android should have worked out the bugs by now.

    Not to mention one of my friend’s phones was dying (come to think of it, I gave them the dying phone, my old Motorola before my beloved Nokia!) anyway it helps a few people and gotta help that economy!

    First, it was hard to sign up for another 2-year agreement with AT&T, I have been off the reservation for nearly 5 using unlocked phones, but an amazing phone for $50 instead of $450 for the unlocked seemed worth it.

    What I liked about my old Nokia: It had apps for everything I needed. I mean it doesn’t have the Apple store, but it had enough aps to fill my requirements. All I needed was a data wallet, a turn-by-turn GPS, a twitter app (Gravity for Nokia is amazing btw).

    The Inspire is a terrific work phone, has all the apps I need and then some! (dropbox, airline, calendar and because it’s an Android phone, yes it has google-apps as part of its DNA. On a business trip it was my everything, GPS, Clock, reservation monitor, email, calendar…If it weren’t for deskwork I probably could have left my laptop at home.

    It has its glitches though:
    It takes a few seconds to voice dial, my old Nokia was instant.
    Its voice dial isn’t as nice or selective as the Motorola, Nokia or the Blackberry (where you can choose name, home, mobile…etc by voice).
    The GPS is more inclusive and allows voice dial, but it doesn’t offer speed limit warnings or traffic warnings. On the other hand, telling me the side of the road for the destination and the search features by voice are amazing.

    One thing I will give the Android, the cut and paste are sublime, You never relieze about important they are until you grab and address or phone number out of email or finding or dialing. Google/HTC got that right!

    Nokia put out an amazing SDK, the Android one is ok but the Nokia one seems more free with better coding libraries. This might be me not being used to playing in the Google sandbox.

    And most importantly my Nokia locked up maybe once in over 3 years, my new android has already locked up a few times and I haven’t even rooted it yet! (perhaps it’s the AT&T crapware and I should!).

    Overall it a great productive phone, I am just not sure it is reliable and ready for prime-time.