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  • Beware of fake flash memory on eBay!

    Posted on November 8th, 2009 admin No comments

    Since it’s the holiday season and digital cameras are a big sale this year, people are trying to feed their cameras big memory cards.

    You see an amazing price on a large SD or CF cards, the seller has a good rating and you figure if you get the card and it’s the right size, you’re all set…well not exactly.

    Problem is people giving those positive feedbacks are just checking if the cards is in good shape, pop the card into their memory readers, does it say the correct size, check and then giving a positive feedback.

    Also a lot of the feedback will turnout to be for other products, dunno…portable hangers nothing in memory, camera accessories or the like. They also tend to be in Asia (Hong Kong seems to be point zero for this scam).

    What very bad people are doing is modifying memory cards to report false sizes, making 2gb cards look like 32gb cards! They show memory size fine, they will format fine but…

    When the card stores more than the true 2gb that they are rated for they dump all the contents, the people writing or picture taking first think it’s the camera or device, by the time they get the unit either checked out or replaced, and/or they’ve figured out it’s the card. The seller usually say to go through the memory company saying it would be faster than shipping back to Asia. By the time the card the card has gone to the manufacturer and they have confirmed that the card is a fake and told the purchaser, the time period to complain to Paypal or their credit card company has already passed and the jerk who sold the card has disappeared with the money!

    Before laying down any money on ebay, go here and see if your seller is on the badguy list.
    No matter what download this application and run it (both German and English version in installer) , if it runs REEAAALLLYYY slow or gives errors, there is something wrong with the flash card!

    Before leaving feedback test and actually use the card, take a bunch of test shots and fill up the card, erase and do it again, make sure you can read the card ok.

    If it looks like you were taken, then report to Paypal and/or your credit card company immediately!

    Only then after your sure what you received, leave feedback for the seller! If you already left positive feedback, then update your feedback!

    Lets get these guys off eBay!

    There are a few utilities to reset your flashcard to their 2gb correct size(I guess at least you get something out of the purchase) but I am not sure how much I’d trust them after being modified…

    Just be careful out there, money is tight. But sometimes it is better to spend more to save more in the end.