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  • Microsoft has released their Security Essentials

    Posted on October 5th, 2009 admin No comments

    Microsoft has released their version of a free virus scanner/spybot protector…

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    And it’s terrific! I guess who’d know how to protect their OS better than Microsoft!

    For any of you snickering Apple owners out there saying with a condicending voice “we dont’ get viruses”, well GRC just reported that Apple OS is just as insecure as MS…it’s gotten too complicated and the user-base is too big a target for black-hats to ignore. Apple is also getting slow at patching know security holes.

    Apple get ready for the storm!

    The technology for Microsoft Security Essentials is based on their server security suite.

    No false positives, very good detection rating compared to everything else out there!
    There’s a version for XP (nice to know they still remember us!) and Vista/Windows7.

    Antivirus programs that show balloons every time they so much as do an update really annoy me, I mean warn me if you can’t update or find an infected file but shut-up if everything is fine! The MS Security Essentials are nice and quiet!

    If you’ve been looking for a good, reliable and quiet AV and Spybot protection, definitely this is the protection you’ve been waiting for!