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  • Moving into new digs

    Posted on June 30th, 2009 admin No comments

    No, still the same house…but have you ever noticed how some devices are like apartments?

    This came to mind when I received my new phone, the decision I have been agnonizing about was made when a good friend gave me is “old” E-71 because he picked up a new iPhone (S), I tried to talk him out of it but he like being part of the “Evil” apple empire.

    The E-71 is everything I wanted in a phone, tethering (I know the new S allows it but the iPhone data plan sucks because the “unlimited” isn’t unlimited, go above about 6 gigs and AT&T will own your house next billing). Amazing battery life, great data sync with Outlook and fantastic voice quality. Only thing I miss from my old Motorola V9 is the voice calling was better (Nokia only allows one voice call number per contact entry, they really need to improve this!)

    Anyway, I gave my old phone away (goodwill as a ripple in a pond) to someone how had an old Motorola V600 and needed an upgrade.

    But this did bring to mind how much a phone or a computer is like moving into a new home. You have to move over your contact, set up your apps (with me email and calendaring). I installed GPS systems, Google apps, maps and make all my Bluetooth devices bond and tether with the new phone.

    I told my friend that if he wanted to have his phone back, no problem (no matter how great a device, it shouldn’t ruin a friendship) but he’d have to give me a few days to move out. A bit like moving in an apartment, you need a few days to move out.

    Computers are the same way, you rebuild or get a new one…it takes days, heck, weeks to get everything “just right”. They are just like apartments.

  • Sometimes a lot of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    Posted on June 13th, 2009 admin No comments

    I am in need of a new phone…

    My old (old? 2 years, gees technology is a hard treadmill) Motorola V9 has served me well, it had 3g networking that I use a lot (when you are stuck with a downed network and need a firmware patch, it’s a blessing!), receives text messaging and has decent PC connections.

    Problems: A couple of hours of 3g and that phone is dead! It receives messaging fine but try and send one with that dial pad and you will be ready to be committed in a few messages and the total battery life is under a day. Also it can only handle one Blue-tooth connection so I have the choice of my headset, car link or my Nokia internet tablet/GPS (it downloads traffic status from the network). I can choose one and I have to pull over and disconnect my Nokia if I want my hand’s free active.

    Nokia has some intriguing phones out…the E71 (fantastic battery life, a bit pricey though), the new N97, could replace my internet tablet and phone and still give me a bluetooth link, VERY PRICEY. Both are claiming weeks of battery life on the Nokia website.

    E-71 has great battery life, GPS, small screen though (2.5″) I mean it’s large enough to get the job done but not replace my Nokia N810 internet tablet. The just released N-97 has a big screen, GPS, maybe good batterylife (seeing conflicting reviews) and might mean I don’t have to carry both a Internet tablet and a phone…just will have one, very tempting. My belt is starting to look like a Batman starter kit and it would be nice just to have to grab one device on the way out. To add more to the mix, Nokia is releasing the descendant of my N810, the N900, slightly smaller screen but a processor powerhouse with tons of memory, should be officially announced this month and out in August or so are the rumours. But then again that would mean I would need a phone (Probably the E71) and a tablet so I’ve gained functionality but am still stuck with new devices.

    Don’t even mention the new iPhone, can’t be used as a Bluetooth tether, I don’t want to join the great Apple empire and to be honest, I’ve never liked the voice quality of an iPhone (it is a phone right?!) plus their lack of battery life is legendary.

    Lots of money involved (when I don’t have much extra) but might be worth the price if I get a great GPS, email and phone companion out of it.

    More research and time well tell…

  • Ah my laptop is back!

    Posted on June 6th, 2009 admin No comments

    Sorry to be gone so long, my laptop was in another state getting maintenanced.

    Dust tends to get into everything and though I have the technical skills to tear mine apart and clean it out it would have voided the warranty. Also they were nice enough to replace the CPU fan in the system (started sounding like a jet!).

    The two times I recommend warranties are large flat-screen TVs and laptops.

    So much is integrated on the motherboard that if anything fails the whole laptop(Or TV) is down.

    Gotta say CPU Repair in California did a wonderful job on my laptop, highly recommended!